iMRS Prime Advanced


The iMRS Prime Advanced system contains:

  • iMRS Prime Control Unit
  • iMRS Prime Connector Box
  • Exagon Applicator Mat
  • Exagon Applicator Pad
  • Exagon Applicator Spot
  • Power Adapter
  • 20-PIN Prime Connector Cable
  • Software Tool Fast Start Program
  • Software Tool Program Mode

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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) devices for home and professional use.

This system has the option of adding two additional accessories: 

The Exagon Brain
(brain entrainment system)
Exagon Sense
(Advanced Biofeedback)

Below is a comparison chart for the five iMRS Prime systems available.
The iMRS Exagon whole-body Mat, Exagon Pad and the Exagon Spot are identical in the first three systems. The far-infrared (FIR) mat replaces the standard whole-body mat in the Hybrid and Trial systems.

The ‘Exagon brain entrainment system or the Exagon biofeedback system is an optional accessory that can be added to any of the five Prime systems.

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