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Vielight 810 – brain photobiomodulation device


We are an Authorised Australian Vielight Distributor.

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What are the benefits?

  • This product is the best of the Vielight devices because of the 810nm
  • Promotes optimal brain and body homeostasis
  • Improves dementia
  • Improves Parkinson disease
  • Improves diabetes
  • Improves recovery from stroke or other brain injuries
  • Relieves migraines
  • Improves memory, mental clarity and problem-solving

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Vielight intranasal light therapy devices illuminate the nasal cavity, helping to stimulate the body to relieve a variety of issues.

The 810 is a non-laser model targeted specifically for the brain.  It should perform in theory comparably to the other two.  The 810 nm wavelength penetrates deeper than the other two models.  Infrared light in invisible to the naked eye and will pulse at 10 Hz, which is associated with alpha state brain oscillation.  In studies, this is what has shown the best neurological healing in brains that are traumatised.  It also helps release calming chemicals.

Scientists who specialise in photobiostimulation understand that certain wavelengths at the right levels can excite molecules safely to tell cells to release energy and other signals to aid the body in achieving homeostasis.  Overall, the effects eventually become systemic.

This type of treatment helps harness the body’s natural abilities.  There is no introduction of a foreign substance and no major side effects have been found.  It starts to work by illuminating the blood in the nasal region which spreads through the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

The main advantage of this system is portability and convenience.  ILT is supported by scientific evidence and it is complementary to dietary supplements and medications.  

More than half of the people who have used these devices have reported experiencing fast improvements from these conditions:  headaches, migraines, facial pain, sinus congestion, blurred vision caused by poor circulation, some bacterial and viral infections and pain.  Overnight they have found relief from chronic fatigue and sleep disorders.  Within two weeks they report improvements from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, impaired microcirculation, high LDL cholesterol, traumatic brain injury, mild cognitive impairment, chronic low immunity, depression, nasal polyps, some autoimmune illnesses, epilepsy and more.  

This is based on observations, studies and other feedback, using the device once a day.  Observed improvements don’t necessarily mean a cure and improvements may not be significant, but some users have reported dramatic improvements when other treatments have not succeeded in the past. 

In a study conducted by the University of Texas, near infrared energy stimulation produces beneficial effects on frontal cortex functions such as sustained attention, working memory, and affective state. This state also helps to release the calming chemicals seratonin, which helps alleviate sleep disorders.

This comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. 

Estimated delivery time is 2 to 5 business days

Near-infrared photons are nearly invisible to the naked eye, making the beam appear much dimmer than it actually is. Additionally, the beam is pulsed at 10 Hz.

Sleepiness is a common side effect of using this device due to the pulse rate correlating with alpha brain waves and neuronal stimulation.

Recommended Usage: Use on its own once a day. If used twice a day, allow at least six hours between the sessions. It can also be used alternately or simultaneously with the 633 Red or the 655 Prime, as well as with the X-Plus device.

Convenient Features: Compact and light, the 810 NIR is designed for convenience and simplicity of use.
Multipurpose, battery-operated PBM device. One AA battery is required for operation and included with each device.
Each session is preset for approximately 25 minutes, and the device switches off automatically.
A clip on the back of the controller is provided to help keep the cord tidy.

PBM Specifications: The LED of the nasal applicator emits 810 nm (wavelength) near infrared light, NIR, pulsing at 10 Hz. The power density of the light is 13 mW/cm2..


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