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Imagine the Feeling of Freedom!

By attending one of the Retreats you will experience mental clarity and emotional balance.
As a result you will move into a lot more clarity about your life.

What is a Retreat?

Our health retreats combine the calming benefits of mindfulness and meditation, with mindset tools, plus the physical balancing that yoga offers.

This is what our health retreats are…

  • A holistic approach to rejuvenating your health.
  • You’ll spend several days in one of our venues, and completely unplug from the struggles of your daily lives.
  • While with us, you’ll focus on realigning the 4 aspects of your health that is MIND, BODY, EMOTIONS and SPIRIT.

You will be working together with like-minded individuals, this will enable:

  • Calmness of the mind through yoga techniques that are specifically designed to relieve stress
  • Improve overall emotional wellbeing through EFT and HeartMath practices
  • Learn to thrive spiritually to rediscover your purpose, and reconnect with your true self
  • Ground yourself and find your physical balance through mindful movements, yoga, and nature walks

Where are the retreats held?

The retreats are held are various locations around Australia and the globe. Our latest retreats are based at Cremorne, Tasmania, with flights arranged from Melbourne and Sydney to Tasmania.

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7 Day Cremorne Retreat, Tasmania

4 Day Cremorne Retreat, Tasmania

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