Vielight Explained



Vielight are devices designed for brain photobiomodulation. These devices combine science with engineering ingenuity  that incorporate novel methods of delivering photons to the brain and inner systems. Vielight products are safe and effective, easy to use and affordable – all to truly help improve one’s quality of life.


What is near infrared (NIR) light?

Near infrared light is electromagnetic radiation (700-1400 nm) within the electromagnetic spectrum. It is mostly invisible to the naked eye.

Do the Vielight units come with instructions?

Yes, manuals are provided each package. You can also see the information in the video below.

What conditions do the intranasal devices help with?

We are still studying, and experimenting with Vielight Devices, but data from the pilot study in collaboration with researchers from Harvard Medical School and Boston University School of Medicine is statistically significant, we do not claim anything beyond a theoretical perspective. Clinical trials are currently ongoing, with research authorities to improve on the efficacy of Vielight devices (such as Baycrest Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital and the Veterans Affairs of the United States).

How soon can I see improvements?

Results vary depending on an individual basis. Some users have reported changes within a week, however, some have taken much longer to notice improvements in their general wellbeing.

Can I share a unit with my partner/spouse?

Yes, you can. It is recommended that you clean the nasal applicator with an alcohol swab between each consequent use. If you are not comfortable with sharing, you can always purchase a separate nose applicator.

I am going to share my device with other people. Can I cover the applicator with a plastic cap or other materials?

No ! From our experience this would reduce the coherency of the light source and will reduce its effectiveness.

Will the intranasal devices interfere with my pacemaker?

To date, there are no reported incidences of interference with pacemakers.

I have cancer. Can I use Vielight intranasal devices?

Yes, you can. Intranasal blood irradiation is potentially beneficial to the auto-immune system via boosting mitochondrial function of white blood cells. No contraindications with photobiomodulation have been found after decades of research.

Can I carry and use Vielight devices on a plane?

Yes, you can.

Can I use Vielight devices on my pets?

Yes, you can. The Pocket Miracle ( works best for external applications.

Where are Vielight devices made?

Components come from different parts of the world. They are assembled in the USA and Canada.

How long does each session last?

The Vielight intranasal units are auto-timed for 25 minutes, while the Neuro is timed for 20 minutes.

How often should I use my Vielight devices?

We recommend using the intranasal units twice every day, once in the morning and once at night. However, we recommend using the Vielight Neuro once every other day.

Can I use a different device in each nostril at the same time?

Yes, you can. The Vielight 633/655 in one nostril and Vielight 810 in the other to target both systems. This is because electromagnetic radiation of different wavelengths does not mix.

Does it matter which nostril I use?

It does not matter which nostril is used. However, users with sinus issues and/or eye issues may interchange nostrils to target both sinuses, optic nerves and both eyeballs.

Can children use Vielight devices?

Yes. However, cut time interval down to 5-10 minutes as a start then gradually extend the time. If headaches occur, reduce the time frame back down.

What other applications do Vielight devices have?

Some users have used our intranasal devices to address gum infections by placing the diode next to the infected area in their mouth. However, the most effective area would be intranasal area because it is rich with blood capillaries along with its proximity to the brain.

What batteries do your devices use?

– The 633, 655 and 810 Vielight devices use 1.5 V AA batteries
– The Neuro is rechargeable (charging unit is provided)

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