iMRS Omnium 1 PEMF & Brainwave

The iMRS Omnium1 2.0 system bundle options offer the flexibility of investing the most suitable configuration for you.

Regardless of which bundle you choose, the iMRS Omnium1 system comes with all the standard Omnium 1 applications and configurations. 

The iMRS Omnium 1 2.0 Basic Set is the foundation set of all the PEMF bundle options. 

Additional accessories (OmniSpot and OmniBrain) can be added to the basic set or any other bundles anytime. 

The Omnium 1 Brainwave Combo does not generate PEMF’s and is suitable for those who just wish to own a brainwave entrainment system.

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Omnium1 - 2.0 Basic Set PEMF and Brainwave