iMRS Prime Sense Biofeedback

“Electromagnetic energy is the fundamental energy upon which all living organisms depend.” Dr Werner Heisenberg – Nobel Laureate

Exagon Sense – Advanced Biofeedback 

The Exagon Sense measures your HRV (heart rate variability) AND SpO2 or Oxygen Saturation.

Hearth Rate Variability and New Kubios Software

The Exagon Sense uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) as a biofeedback loop to automatically adjust the intensity of the PEMF signal. This is like putting the Prime Exagon mat on autopilot, as it will systematically adjust the intensity of the PEMF signal to what the body needs.

Over time, the Exagon Sense biofeedback technology (in combination with the iMRS Prime applications) can train and improve your personal HRV by creating homeostasis in the body.

NOTE: HRV is not a measure of your heart rate, but rather it is a measure of the time between consecutive heartbeats called IBI’s (inter-beat intervals). In essence, HRV as a measure of the health of the central nervous system of the individual and how well one can handle and adapt to stress. Research has shown HRV is one of the most important biomarkers of health!

Example: Kubios HRV Report

The iMRS Prime utilises Kubios HRV software, which is the market leader in heart rate variability analysis software for scientific research and professional use. After each session, the new Exagon sense will show you a detailed graph and analysis of your HRV so you can view your HRV and see how it improves over time.

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) and Readout with Each Session (Also with Exagon Sense)

Oxygen Saturation (SpO2) is a measure of the amount of oxygen in the blood. A normal reading is typically between 95% and 100%. A below-normal blood oxygen level is called hypoxemia. Hypoxemia (low oxygen) is often cause for concern.

Oxygen Saturation Increases 2-3% with the iMRS Prime after a 10-Minute Session.